My Work

Meine Arbeit

Von der Erfassung Ihrer Anforderungen über die Gestaltung eines Konzepts bis hin zur Lieferung des Endprodukts übernehme ich alles, was sich zwischen diesen Schritten befindet.


Leverage my expertise as a software consultant to guide your business towards success. I provide strategic insights, optimize workflows, and offer tailored solutions. From technology selection to process improvement, I help you navigate the digital landscape and achieve your goals.

Web Entwicklung

Create captivating online experiences with my web development expertise. From responsive designs to intuitive user interfaces, I build websites that engage and delight users. Utilizing the latest technologies, I ensure your web presence is visually appealing, functional, and optimized for performance.

APP Development

Unlock the power of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with my expertise. I craft high-performance, cross-platform applications that deliver native-like experiences. Seamlessly blending web and mobile, I ensure your PWA is fast, reliable, and engaging, enabling your business to reach a wider audience.


Streamline your software development lifecycle with my expertise in DevOps. Automate deployment, enhance collaboration, and ensure continuous delivery. From CI/CD pipelines to infrastructure management, I optimize efficiency and drive innovation.


Enhance your software with intelligent AI capabilities. Leverage cutting-edge technologies for seamless integration. From machine learning models to natural language processing, I deliver tailored solutions that optimize performance and elevate user experiences.

MVP Building

Kickstart your product journey with my expertise in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. I specialize in quickly translating your vision into a functional prototype, validating market fit, and gathering user feedback. With rapid iteration and efficient resource allocation.

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